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Sequential DSM03

The DSM03 Feedback Module is Dave Smith’s third offering for modular synths. At the heart of this unique module is a tuned feedback line for sound mangling; a newly-designed, resonant, low-pass filter for tone shaping; and a triggerable noise source for Karplus-Strong-type plucked string synthesis. Tuned feedback has been a part of the Dave Smith tonal palette since the ground-breaking Evolver, and is also a key sound-shaping component of the Pro 2 and Prophet 12 synths. The DSM03 is a 10HP wide, standard Eurorack-format device with interconnections made using 3.5 mm phone jacks. A set of inputs allow individual voltage control of feedback amount, tuning, low-pass filter frequency, and filter resonance. The module provides one audio input and one audio output as well as an audio trigger input for the noise source.

The 4-pole, resonant, lowpass filter is a new digital design, based partially on classic analog filters of the past. It features over-sampling and numerous refinements to the signal path, which is 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution for outstanding audio fidelity. It’s a great-sounding design that works well both in the feedback context and as a stand-alone tone-shaping tool. So if you’re looking for something esoteric, but still fundamental to the Dave Smith sound, add this secret weapon to your modular arsenal. From Karplus-Strong synthesis to metallic, industrial grit, the creative possibilities are wide open.


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